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Parametric Protection of the Digital Supply Chain

How should companies approach new, emerging digital supply chain risks? How can the insurance market better serve clients in the digital age?
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Today’s business is increasingly reliant on the digital supply chain, built on a variety of technology service providers. Perhaps on of the most critical component of the digital supply chain is the cloud. Businesses are more dependent on cloud-based services for every minute of their productivity, exposing them to new, widespread risks. Parametrix sits down with cyber insurance experts from underwriting and broking to discuss emerging cyber risks in the digital supply chain and parametric tools as an alternative solution to risk transfer.

You can view the full recording on YouTube. If you’ve ever wondered how often the cloud fails and how much downtime would cost your business, Parametrix’s 2022 cloud outage risk report provides insights into the persistence and impact of cloud outages based on the observations recorded by the Parametrix Cloud Monitoring System.
Lauri Floresca headshot
Lauri Floresca

Lauri Floresca is a partner at Woodruff Sawyer. She began her career in D&O, and expanded her practice ten years ago to include cyber, advising primarily technology and consumer-facing companies.

Christopher Moore headshot
Chris Moore

Christopher Moore is head of Apollo Underwriting’s ibott syndicate 1971 at Lloyd’s, a technology-focused syndicate dedicated to resolving the risk challenges of the sharing economy, new mobility, and other emerging sectors.

Neta Rozy headshot
Neta Rozy

Neta Rozy is Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at Parametrix, and a member of the Forbes 30 under 30. Neta has a background in developing enterprise software and robust monitoring systems.

Rick Wong headshot
Rick Wong

Rick Wong is Head of Insurance at Parametrix. He has amassed over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, specializing in areas such as D&O, cyber, and professional liability.