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Parametrix excels through its seamless integration of data science, risk management, and actuarial mastery

The Parametrix Edge:

Where Data Science Meets Risk Management

Increasing reliance on cloud vendors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) leaves companies worldwide vulnerable to business interruption caused by cloud service outages. We have all experienced downtime events and witnessed their direct financial impact on companies.

We knew there had to be a better way to protect businesses, one that is clear, trusted, and simplifies the pain points in business interruption insurance which includes months of complications and uncertainty. So we set out on a mission to develop the next generation of insurance products.
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We are proud to say that we have established a new category in the insurance market as pioneers in creating innovative downtime insurance policies that truly meet the needs of businesses. Leveraging cutting-edge monitoring systems and precise risk aggregation, we craft insurance policies perfectly tailored to modern business requirements.

Parametrix’s expertise lies in its sophisticated blend of data science, risk management, and actuarial expertise. By harnesses the power of advanced monitoring systems and precise risk aggregation capabilities we develop insurance policies that truly align with the contemporary needs of businesses. These policies are more than pieces of paper; they’re lifelines that tap into the depths of actuarial insight to offer swift and accurate response to downtime events.

The technology we need to create the products you need.

The technology we need to create the products you need.

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To create a transparent, simple, and trusted insurance product that a business can rely on at the moment of truth, we developed proprietary technologies that provide the data that identifies downtime events, triggers payment in real-time, powers underwriting algorithms, generates customer insights, and manages insurance exposures.

We’re on a mission to close the gap in cloud outage insurance but we can’t do it alone. Our trusted network of brokers, insurers, reinsurers, consultants and providers are all dedicated to helping companies by offering them the best solutions for their business. We always welcome new partners so please contact us if you’d like to join our team!
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