Indexing Cloud Performance

The Parametrix Cloud Stability Index (PCSI) measures the overall performance of cloud providers’ regions during the year.

Each year Parametrix releases the Parametrix Cloud Stability Index (PCSI). The Index is built from data collected by the proprietary Parametrix Cloud Monitoring System (PCMS, see Blog Post 5 of this series: Eyes always on the Cloud). The resulting tool is a unique index which measures the overall performance of cloud providers’ regions during the year. It considers, among other factors, the number of events per region and service, their relative severity, the duration, and the impact of each event. 

Index values are calculated annually based on historical data for internal modeling and product development purposes. They are classified according to five levels of stability, with those rated “A” designating the best performing regions (achieving a stability score of between 0 and 20), and those rated  “E” the worst performing (scoring 80 to 100). Index results inform a long-term predictive model of future downtime risk by region. PCSI supports the risk assessment and consulting services Parametrix supplies to clients and partners about the resilience of their cloud architecture. 

Market leaders’ percentage of regions by Parametrix Stability Index in 2022

Number of services affected in critical and warning severity levels for each cloud service provider in 2022

PCMS identified 240 services across the major providers which suffered at least one performance interruption in 2022. Of those, 53 involved a critical impact on services. Some events affected multiple services. For example, AWS Autoscaling Service, which enables users to increase or decrease their compute power automatically to meet business needs, was affected during five different critical events. The disruptions lasted on average one hour and 13 minutes, but many were much longer.


Understanding the risk of cloud downtime is the first step in making sure it doesn’t bring your business to a costly halt. This post is the sixth n a series about managing cloud outage risks in the Digital Supply Chain. You can read more about it in the Parametrix report revealing the details of cloud downtime among the three major providers – Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

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October 3, 2023