Howden: Businesses world-wide rank cyber as one of their most pre-eminent risks

Howden Broking's third annual report on cyber insurance "Coming of Age" explores the changing landscape of the cyber insurance market.

Unlocking the full potential of the cyber market

Cyber's growth trajectory has reached a critical point, according to broker Howden’s third annual cyber research report “Coming of Age”. Conditions are stabilizing, and concerted efforts are being made to address significant obstacles related to distribution, tail-risk, and capital.

The market is on the verge of experiencing substantial growth, the report declares, which will bring about transformative changes.

Key questions addressed

  • What are the key challenges facing the cyber insurance market, and how can they be addressed?
  • How is ransomware activity impacting cyber insurance pricing, and what can insurance buyers do to protect themselves?
  • What are the latest trends in cyber insurance, and how can businesses stay ahead of the curve?

Cloud is one of the biggest single point of failure risks

Parametrix Co-founder and CEO Jonathan Hatzor contributes his comments on the cyber supply chain, and offers insights into one of the biggest single point of failure risks companies face today - the cloud. He shares statistics on the root causes of cloud downtime events in 2022 and the geographical split of critical cloud outage events in 2022.

Hatzor’s contribution is based on findings recorded by the Parametrix Cloud Monitoring System  detailed in the Parametrix latest report, Managing Cloud Outage Risk: Cloud Downtime in 2022. It reveals the details of cloud downtime among the three major providers – Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. We monitored nearly 1,200 performance interruptions and disruptions in 2022, four times the number reported by the providers themselves.

The Parametrix Team
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July 9, 2023