Google Cloud Outage Paris Region: Parametrix Event Analysis

Learn more about the GCP Paris cloud outage that resulted in 24+ hours of downtime in the europe-west9 region.

On April 26, 2023 at 01:30 UTC, Google Cloud's europe-west9 (Paris) region went offline for over 24 hours. Durations differed for each service, each of which has its own recovery process. Parametrix monitoring detected errors in all zones within the region, although the physical damage occurred in only one data center. 

Google experienced an infrastructure failure that affected its europe-west-9 Cloud region, and impacted multiple Google Cloud Platform services. A water leak first disrupted a portion of region europe-west9-a, but a subsequent fire required all of europe-west9-a and a portion of europe-west9-c to be powered down. Many regional services were affected by this shutdown, but were restored once europe-west9-c and europe-west9-a were returned to complete service. However, many days were required to restore damaged rooms in europe-west9-a zone. 

The image below, taken from the Parametrix Cloud Monitoring System, shows all services impacted by the event, and provides detail of their impact on local availability of GCP’s “compute” and “storage” functions, two mission-critical services.

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May 8, 2023