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Parametrix Cloud Insurance Pre-priced programBenefits of Parametrix cloud insurance

93% of cloud outages are not covered by traditional cyber insurance.



89% of cloud outages lasting between 2 - 12 hours, fall outside the scope of cyber insurance coverage.


71% of cloud outages lasting 12+ hours are caused by factors that are not covered under cyber insurance (ie. property damage)

Add cloud coverage to your cyber program in two easy steps.

Select your cloud service provider
Choose your required limit

The most comprehensive





Clear triggers, agreed payouts
We pay claims in fixed amounts following a covered outage event, without the hassle of a cumbersome and time-consuming claims adjusting process. Because your payment arrives in days not months, you can get back to business quickly.
Premium security

Parametrix policies are backed by the financial strength of some of the world’s most trusted insurance and reinsurance companies, including syndicates at Lloyd’s, giving you the confidence and certainty that you are protected by the best.

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Every type of loss included

Parametrix policies cover lost revenues, third-party liabilities, depleted productivity, or any other expense arising from a cloud outage. Unlike traditional cyber coverage, our policies provide broad coverage, and the use of claims funds is unrestricted.

Simplicity and clarity delivered
Forget complex insurance documents with pages of small print. Parametrix policies are transparent and straightforward. They deliver clarity so you know exactly what’s covered, to help you make informed decisions that are best for your business.

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"I've never encountered such a smooth and effortless claim with an insurance provider. After a cloud outage event we experienced, the Parametrix team notified us that they detected the outage, and the pre-agreed terms were paid in full within a few days."

CFO, OpenWeb

Haim Sasson

"Downtime is inevitable. We see the Parametrix solution as an important component of our reliability strategy, allowing us to make infrastructure investments while maintaining an excellent customer experience for our learners."

Fabio Lessa, Duolingo

Sr. Director Engineering

"As a risk manager with years of experience, I know firsthand that BI risk can be tough to quantify and claim for. That's why I was thrilled to find Parametrix's coverage, which offers a real solution. It's exactly what I've been looking for."

Digital Marketplace, $1.8B + Rev

Sr Director Insurance

"Parametrix was dedicated to making sure my claim experience was seamless and hassle-free. They've consistently proven themselves to be a reliable and trustworthy partner, demonstrating their commitment to delivering on their promises."

Cyber Security $100M+ rev

Principal Engineer

Trusted by companies worldwide:
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